Xu Nakajima wrote:

> Does anybody has an experience with 
> Sniffers (like ethereal,others)
> with the zd1211rw driver? 

Xu, we implemented some rudimentary support for the Radiotap

You have to set the interface into monitor mode. Use

ifconfig eth1 mode Monitor 

to set, if your ZD1211 device is on eth1.

Than make sure you ahave an ethereal or tcpdump with a pretty
recent libpcap 1.9.x which supports radiotap packet. If these
preconditions are met you can sniff packets. Keep in mind that IP
packets might be split in several 80211 fragments, so don't
complain if you see only fragments there. 

There are some reports of issues here, so your mileage will vary.
If there are any problems, please report on the list.



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