Changes are:

Some statistics changes

Support for a new RF, UW2453. I wonder if we'll see this one in any products. It has replaced the GCT_RF which we never saw appear anywhere. The UW2453 requires some special CR writes depending on whether we are connecting to an access point or IBSS (Ad-hoc network) - seems a weird thing to have on that level. It also has some weird TX power control stuff which involves writing to the EEPROM...

Some of the "unused" RF code is now commented out.

Some fixes for newer Linux versions

Some "freq shift" fixes for AL7230B, AL2230

Radio on/off control for more RFs

"ZD Production" - some new ioctl's for debugging, smells very windows-like

2 USB ID moves based on my feedback, and a new ZD1211B ID.

I mentioned here previously that I am now in contact with a ZyDAS engineer, who is responsive and very helpful. I offered to send some of the patches from the community-maintained version to them, but they regret that they cannot accept them. They actually release 2 drivers - one GPL/MPL which you can download from the website, and one distributed privately to their industrial customers. The only difference between the 2 is the license - they cannot include code in the private driver unless they own the copyright, and they don't want to maintain 2 drivers.

Despite this, they are grateful for the community work on their driver and zd1211rw.

I am allowed to give them hints at what is broken. I have explained how they can fix things for big-endian and 64bit support, as well as suggested that they remove the save_conf and load_conf stuff as that is evil and uncompilable on modern kernels. Let's see where that takes us..


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