Hi! I'm an Italian boy, and I need your help.

I install the Dapper Drake, but I can't use my wireless adapter. The model
is "Sitecom WL-113", and I'm sure that this model work on kubuntu because
other people use it (but they don't want to help me ).

Help my, please please please please please please

I use the pc to work and I need to have an internet connection.

I use a router that assign IP in DHCP mode.

In Kubuntu Dapper Drake the driver are installed by defaul, infact if I type
"modp" and then press "tab" on my keyboard, it automatically complete with
"modprobe zd1211"

There are some link that I hope can be useful:
img 1 
img 2 
img 3 
img 4 
img 5 

Please, please, please, help me.
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