On 6/23/06, Ivo van Doorn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> > I've mentioned this to a few but here it is out to everyone. So as you
> > know we have a lot of work ahead of us for linux wireless development.
> > To help speed this up, we at Winlab, would like to start hosting a
> > testbed for linux wireless development, open to the public. Short term
> > goals would be to start off a couple of nodes for each driver
> > currently under development like bcm43xx, zd1211, rt2x00, ipw3945,
> > ipw2200 and the like, and a provide a set streamlined tests we can use
> > to really put to test the drivers and stacks.
> This would be really interesting. :)
> > This wouldn't be easy if we didn't have infrastructure but we already
> > do. Our grid consists of 400 nodes with 2 wireless cards each and 3
> > ethernet ports (one for control) --
> > http://orbit-lab.org/wiki/Tutorial/Testbed. 90% of our nodes use the
> > atheros 5213 chipset and the rest ipw2200s. We'd like to expand this
> > with the more wireless cards currently being worked on for linux.
> >
> > Right now we have zome zd1211s so we'll start with that (I'll start
> > working on a port to d80211) but will try to accomodate other nodes as
> > we get more wireless cards. We will need some help too though, to
> > streamline the testing. If you have ideas or would like to contribute
> > please let me know. We can purchase wireless cards but if you already
> > have reliable confirmed wireless cards which can be used for putting
> > into the testbed let me know.
> I'll discuss this in the rt2x00 team, and see if we can donate some
> hardware.

Great just let me know. MiniPCI would be fit best.


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