I have a laptop with the bcm43xx drivers which works as 802.11g, although the hardware is supposed to be 802.11b/g.

I am trying to set up a small wireless network, and I have 2 computers both with zd1211 chipset based USB (1.1) dongle. They both support 802.11b/g.

I want one of the computers to be an AP,
iwconfig wlan0 mode master

However, when I do "iwlist scan", the laptop can't find the the AP. The other computer finds it and everything works fine.

This leads me to belive there is an incompatability somewhere. I am thinking maybe 802.11b/g of the computers works in the b mode since USB 1.1 and the laptop can't find it because it works in g mode...

I can't sent the laptop as AP because, the drivers do not support master mode. i've read the iwconfig man pages, I was hoping I could force the dongles to work in g mode but I can't see anything.

Any ideas on the issue????

PS: all 3 machines run Fedora Core with 2.6.16 kernel

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