Remco wrote:
> I have/had all the described problems with a ZD1211. With linux-2.6.18-rc1 / 
> wpa_supplicant 0.4.8 (no patches) things seem to have improved a bit.
> What follows is just user experience, I just hope there's something useful in 
> it.

OK, yours seems to be different problem then. Well, at least a complete 
blindness to data packets is off the cards.

I still suspect it might be wpa_supplicant confusing us - softmac still 
isn't great at handling iwconfig ioctl's in quick succession. Joe Jezak 
is working on this, maybe that has helped.

I have half-fixed my ZD1211B problem in my tree: I can now connect (and 
send data to/from) unencrypted networks. I don't think encryption is 
working yet, I need to double check that though...


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