On 06-07-28 10:28 Peter Lueg wrote:

> Hi,
> I use a ZD1211 with AL7230B RF chip and the latest zd1211rw driver
> version from Daniel.
> Firmware version: zd1211_fw_2006-07-21
> CPU: PXA270
> Without encryption everything works fine.
> When I use WEP encryption than comes the following problems:
> 1) iwconfig eth0 key open <mykey>
> The authentication and association process is successfully .
> The zd12211 can sent arp requests (see it with kismet and tcpdump) and
> received the arp replay.
> Everything looks fine until the ICV will be checked.
> Here the error messages:
>  ieee80211: I ieee80211_rx_frame_decrypt decryption failed
> (SA=00:40:96:a1:a2:46) res=-2
>  ieee80211: I ieee80211_rx_frame_decrypt Decryption failed ICV mismatch
> (key 0)
> 2) iwconfig eth0 key restricted <mykey>
> The authentication and association process failed.
> In this case I become the following error:
>  SoftMAC: Sent Authentication Request to <MYMAC>
>  SoftMAC: Shared Key Authentication failed due to a missing challenge.
> Any ideas?

We had some problems recently with WEP, but Daniel fixed them recently. I
have pulled his patches, so Daniel and me have now the same master
head tree.

Your problem looks like a softmac issue, so I would like to know,
which Linux kernel you are using. I'm using here John Linville's
wireless tree, a modified 2.6.18-rc1. WEP is working here.



Uli Kunitz

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