On 06-07-31 15:01 Peter Lueg wrote:

> Hi,
> I use the following:
> Vanilla Kernel 2.6.17
>       + patch-2.6.18-rc2
>       + some changes for PXA270 (nothing with softmac)
> I patch it with patch-2.6.18-rc2-rc3 and have the same problem (ICV
> mismatch).
> Then I test Kernel 2.6.17 + patch-2.6.18-rc2 on a Laptop.
> But the result is the same.

Do you see the OOPS only with PXA? It's strange because it is in
the tx path of the zd1211rw. We have no comparable reports from anybody else.
Could you send me your kernel config file?

Could you try it with the HEAD of the master branch of my git
tree http://www.deine-taler.de/zd1211/zd1211.git? It definitely
works with WEP on x86 and PCC32. (2.6.18-rc2) I have also fixed
two bugs over the weekend, but nothing related to encryption.

Uli Kunitz

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