On 06-08-01 18:26 Peter Lueg wrote:

> I try your HEAD from http://www.deine-taler.de/zd1211/zd1211.git and
> WEP104 is working!!!!
> The "ICV mismatch" error is not longer present.
> Thanks a lot.

I'm actually enjoying reading such messages. :-)
> Here the results of my tests (PXA270):
> Access point (cisco1100): with "Open Authentication"
> Client: WEP128 with open authentication is working.
> Access point: with "Shared Authentication"
> Client: WEP128 with shared authentication (restricted) is working
> Access point: with "Open Authentication" and "Shared Authentication"
> Client: WEP128 with shared authentication (restricted) crashed (see
> above, configuration file in attachment).
> Tests with a laptop have the same result like PXA270.
> But I have no visible oops.

The kernel oops looks like there is a problem in the softmac. I've
put it on my TODO list, but fixing the softmac is currently not my
priority. I try do get the device plumbing right. Daniel has done
the encryption stuff.

> How is the actual state for WPA?
> Is there something to heed?

I have not checked it personally, but it should somehow work. But
there appears to be interaction problems with the softmac. But we
will come to it.

Uli Kunitz

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