On 06-08-03 18:22 Peter Lueg wrote:

> Hi,
> In 10m distance (access point to client) I have a greater signal level
> as in 1m distance ?!
> I add a printk about status->signal_strength in fill_rx_stat() and see
> the same.
> How does it possible?

As Linus says: "Documentation is always wrong." Daniel discovered
it just recently. The problem is that my percent computation code
is now wrong. For fixing it  I have done measurements with five ZD1211
devices. This time I want to make sure it is right. Patches will
be available over the next few days.

If you want to recheck status->signal_strength directly, use this
simple patch:

diff --git a/zd_mac.h b/zd_mac.h
index ecf1f78..6e390ff 100644
--- a/zd_mac.h
+++ b/zd_mac.h
@@ -87,9 +87,9 @@ struct rx_length_info {
 #define RX_LENGTH_INFO_TAG             0x697e
 struct rx_status {
+       u8 signal_quality_cck;
        /* rssi */
        u8 signal_strength;
-       u8 signal_quality_cck;
        u8 signal_quality_ofdm;
        u8 decryption_type;
        u8 frame_status;

Uli Kunitz

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