On 06-08-11 22:41 Adam Hunt wrote:

> Is it possible to patch 2.6.18-rc4 or later with the old (pre-rewrite)
> driver or will it conflict with the version that has been merged?

If you want to use the vendor driver never compile zd1211rw static
into the kernel. If that is ensured, you somehow must ensure that
the vendor driver module will be loaded instead of zd1211rw. There
are several options to do it: Don't compile the driver itself,
simply remove it, unload it (rmmod) if it has been loaded and load
the old driver, patch the udev configuration to look for the old
driver. Maybe some friendly person could create later patches for
major distributions. But don't expect us zd1211rw folks to work on

So module loading mechanisms are the only issue to care for.
Please keep in mind that the vendor driver could have never
accepted into the kernel, because of coding style issues and the
overall structure. The driver had to be rewritten. 

> If it will conflict may I suggest that a patch of the old driver be
> released as something like zd1211-old for those of us that have to
> continue running it while the rewrite stabilizes?

The zd1211rw is now pretty stable. I use it for several hours each
day. I admit we still have to work on features, there are some
issues with specific combinations of RF and ZD1211, but overall
the picture is pretty good now. Keep in mind that we are not
writing ower own softmac stack and a number of issues now are
related to softmac. There is an agreement under the Linux WLAN
developers to switch to the descape stack, but that hasn't
happened so far for the mainline and descape has still it's own
stability issues. However the developers are working on it.

> Thanks for your time and all the work that you all have done getting
> this driver rewritten and merged into mainline.

I would like to thank everybody, who is testing the rewritten
driver. This helps to find bugs and fixing them. Keep on going!



Uli Kunitz

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