Todor T Zviskov wrote:
> I used the driver from the vanilla linux 2.6.18_rc7 sources w/ the latest
> 1.2 firmware from gentoo's portage. Modified zd_usb.c to include the IDs
> for my stick:
>         { USB_DEVICE(0x1435, 0x0711), .driver_info = DEVICE_ZD1211 },
> dmesg | egrep "zd1211b? chip" says:
> zd1211rw 1-7.4:1.0: zd1211 chip 1435:0711 v4330 high 00-10-a7 AL2230_RF
> pa0 g--

Thanks, added to my tree.

> It's been working for a couple of days now (connected to WEP protected AP)
> without any stability issues so far. There are, however, a few two small
> issues not mentioned in the 'Kown Issues' section:
> 1. As soon as the driver claims the device the status/TX/RX LED just shuts
> off and never flashes or turns on anymore no matter if associated with AP or
> not.

This isn't an issue - it's just an unimplemented feature, at least in 
the version you are running (probably in-kernel?). The out-of-kernel 
snapshots, and the wireless-2.6 git tree include LED support. This will 
be also included in Linux 2.6.19-rc1 and onwards.

> 2. I don't get any TX/RX statistics - $cat /proc/net/dev|grep wlan says:
> wlan0: No statistics available.

This is a more important issue, feel free to add it to the list.


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