On Saturday 30 September 2006 13:51, Ulrich Kunitz wrote:
> On 06-09-29 21:33 Milan Knizek wrote:
> > Sep 29 20:26:05 athlon usb 1-1: Could not load firmware file
> > zd1211/zd1211_ub. Error number -2
> This is not a device-specific problem. It might be that your
> gentoo looks at another place for the firmware. Look into
> /lib/udev/firmware_helper.

Thanks for pointing to the udev direction. I have searched other forums and it 
seems that my version of udev is missing the rule to load firmware:
ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="firmware", RUN+="/sbin/firmware_helper"

I will test later once I am back on my pc.

Milan Knížek
e-mail knizek {na} volny {v} cz

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