Hi, I've got a USB stick whose usbid is 0ace:1211

The make seems to be: Cable & Wireless
The model is: USBA10CW3
FCC ID: NDD9573170406
Description: 802.11g Wireless Lan MIni USB Adapter (Made in China)

An extract of the messages when I plug it in:

dump_fw_registers() FW_FIRMWARE_VER 0x4605
dump_fw_registers() FW_USB_SPEED 0x0001
dump_fw_registers() FW_FIX_TX_RATE 0x0000
dump_fw_registers() FW_LINK_STATUS 0x0000
dump_cr() CR_AFTER_PNP 0x00000001
dump_cr() CR_GPI_EN 0x00000000
dump_cr() CR_INTERRUPT 0x00000000
zd1211 chip 0ace:1211 v4810 high 00-0e-2e AL2230_RF pa0 ---

It is working well in Managed mode.

Thanks for the development of this driver.

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