Matthieu CASTET wrote:
> Hi,
> any new about the hw encyption status ?

Not really, I have some emails to go through and more testing to do. 
Feel free to take over, I'm low on time at the moment.

> There was a patch for the RX path (and I asked questions about MIC
> checking), but there no news on it.

I also seem to remember seeing MIC-checking code in the vendor driver, 
but haven't confirmed your findings. If it is true then the stack needs 
to be extended to allow HW decryption where MIC checking is done in 
software. I don't think it provides this functionality at the moment.

> Does the patch of the 802.11 stack will be included in the 2.6.19 ?

That's up to the wireless subsystem maintainer.

> Is there a plan to write the TX path ?

Of course, once the RX path is done.


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