Igor Dragicevic wrote:
> hi folks,
> i have the device Zyxel ZyAIR G-220 
> <http://www.zyxel.com/product/model.php?indexcate=1085455224>
> simple question: is it possible to run it with ubuntu edgy and what do I 
> have to do for that?
> i also should mention that i need it to work with WPA.
> should i use the new zd1211rw or the old zd1211 with edgy?
> i hope someone will help me.


Ubuntu Edgy Released version have the zd1211rw driver installed by 
default. The basic functions are operational for many USB wireless 
hardware that are listed and tested on http://zd1211.ath.cx/ I did a 
simple stress test using "rsync" command, transferring files as large as 
10GB each and a source directory files totaling more than 30G+ 
continuously without any problem. WPA encryption was also enabled.

Right now I'm getting a slow throughput of about 1.7MB/sec peak 
regardless of how I set the rate (tested at 10M, 24M, 36M, 48M, 54M). 
The other minor problem is noisy message outputs from "dmesg". I'm 
getting lots of these debugging output messages:

printk: 442 messages suppressed.
TKIP: replay detected: STA=00:51:18:4a:dc:c2 previous TSC 00000003a .. 
received... TSC 0000033... (something like that)

Anyway, the best thing to do is just plug it in and see if it works.

Good luck,

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