Daniel Drake wrote:
> walter harms wrote:
>> hi list,
>> i got hold of a second longshine lcs8131G3 for testing an noted
>> something odd.
>> The second also gets attached to eth1.
> The driver names itself with ethX as you can see in dmesg. If yours
> appears later as wlan0 it means that your distro has renamed it soon
> after it was plugged in. If it didn't rename the 2nd stick, then thats a
> bug/inconsistency in your distro, nothing to do with the driver.

i will take a look at that :)

> Running 'iwconfig' will show you the current names of your devices.
>> very strange was also that the wlanX never got up with the second
>> stick (even when it was alone)
>> has anyone an idea where to look ? (driver or HW problem ?)
>> and what does pa0 g--N mean ?
> Power amplifier type 0, CCK gain must be patched (g), CR157 not patched,
> 6M band edge not patched, new phy layout (N)

ok, noted

> Daniel

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