On 06-11-26 13:50 Elimar Riesebieter wrote:

> Hi all,
> the current rw version gives:
> ...
>   LD      /source/zd1211/zd1211rw_2006-11-26/built-in.o
>   CC [M]  /source/zd1211/zd1211rw_2006-11-26/zd_netdev.o
>   CC [M]  /source/zd1211/zd1211rw_2006-11-26/zd_mac.o
> /source/zd1211/zd1211rw_2006-11-26/zd_mac.c: In function 'link_led_handler':
> /source/zd1211/zd1211rw_2006-11-26/zd_mac.c:1184: error: 'struct 
> ieee80211softmac_device' has no member named 'associated'
> Elimar


the snapshots are from the master branch of the git tree, which
compiles almost always against the latest stable kernel. The
wireless-dev branch from my git-tree compiles against 2.6.19-rc*.



Uli Kunitz

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