Hi devs!

I've searched your forums here but I haven't found any mention of the
Philips SNU5600 usb dongle being supported by the zd1211rw driver of the
2.6.18 kernel, so I thought I'd post just to let you know that it appears to
use the zd1211b wlan chip and the AL2230_RF transmitter. I say appears
because although I do get a connection to my wireless router (and a dhcp
ip-adress from it) I'm not having much luck using it for browsing and such,
but that may be an unrelated issue.

The thing is, I'm not really a coder (I dab a bit though) and I'm certainly
not familiar with driver code and other things related to kernel code but I
thought that since the WinXP driver is called ZD1211BU I'd take a shot at
adding the usb-id (0471:1236) to the zd_usb.c file of the driver and
recompile. Now after recompilation the device is recognized (of course) and
the zd1211rw driver is loaded when the device is plugged. Fine and dandy.
However I only get 11 Mb/s reported by iwconfig even though it's a 802.11g
device and I get 54 Mb/s in Windows. So I figure something is fishy here and
I would really like some help (and give help in return if I can) from you

Oh, and the reason I think it uses the AL2230_RF transmitter is because
that's what "dmesg | grep 'zd1211b\? chip'" told me ("zd1211rw 1-5:1.0:
zd1211b chip 0471:1236 v4810 high 00-12-bf AL2230_RF pa0 g--", to be
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