For those that may not (or may) be familiar with the Archos PMA400, it's a
handheld linux PC designed for multimedia playback, PIM, games, but also has
802.11b wifi built into it.

openPMA (http://www.openPMA.org) has developed opensource updated firmware
that includes the zd1211 drivers. I'm among the first (as far as I can tell)
to try to get this connected with a Hawking HWU54G and I'm having some
difficulty. I've provided my script, below, if someone has a minute to help
me work it out:

cardctl eject
iwconfig eth0 essid <myssid> mode Managed
iwpriv eth0 set_mac_mode 2
ifconfig eth0 netmask up
route add default gw

This device has a full linux distro, and a USB 1.1 host port (why it's
'eth0'), which may prevent full 'G' mode, but I'm not sure. The 'cardctl
eject' command is to disable the built-in PCMCIA 'b' card, just to save

The device stays lit for about 3 seconds; off for 2; then on for 3 and so
on. There are no blocks or firewalls on my router and the device was tested
on another PC and connected fine, with and without the same IP address

It behaves this way just by issuing the command:

/> ifconfig eth0 up
...without any additional settings, so I can't be sure any of the other
commands are actually taking.

Happy to provide additional information if needed and would love some input
or suggestions on making this work.

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