Dear developer list members,


I've got a problem with the zd1211rw driver using kernel .6.19 and the MSI
US54SE (zd1211b chip) which is in your support list.

I recompiled the kernel with the required settings according to your file. 


The device seems to be correctly detected and the driver seems to be loaded.


When I run Ifup it does a lookup and after some trys it goes
sleeping without getting an answer on the DHCP request. The device also
doesn't work with fixed IP.


dmesg says this  when run after I do ifup eth1


zd1211rw 1-2:1.0: error ioread32(CR_REG1): -11


it also says the eth1 device "is not ready"


the usb dongle however seems to "see" the access point hence it does report
the right access point MAC in iwconfig


I checked several how-to's & stuff if there is any known solution to the
problem. So far I found none.

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