On 12/28/06, Daniel Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ulrich Kunitz wrote:
> > I have merged your patch with a patch from Jeff Garzik from the
> > wireless-2.6 tree.
> >
> > It can be found in the branch wireless-2.6 in my git tree. The
> > master branch will continue to compile against 2.6.19.
> Ulrich,
> I already fixed this a few weeks ago in my wireless-dev branch. Any
> chance you could throw away your wireless-2.6 one and then recreate it
> based on my wireless-dev? I have ensured that my version matches
> upstream exactly (required for me sending patches up), I guess we have
> not verified Jon's version.
> Daniel

I'm interested in using a zd1211 dongle in an embedded application. To
do this I need to have the links working reliably and to construct
some kind of network out of 12 devices without an access point
present. I can spend some time working on the driver to achieve this,
but I have limited 802.11 knowledge. I just bought a book on the low
level protocols and I'm reading it.

Target is an ARM CPU. One decision I need to make is if I can use a
USB 1.0 host or if I have to have USB 2.0. If I can do something like
set the 11g rate to 18Mb and then max out USB 1.0 at 12Mb, that would
be all the bandwidth I need. The effective 5Mb throughput of 11b is
too low. I also need to work out some form of pretty reliable

Where is wireless-dev branch? Here's the one I am using.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/extra/zd1211rw$ cat .git/remotes/origin
URL: http://www.deine-taler.de/zd1211/zd1211.git
Pull: refs/heads/master:refs/heads/origin
Pull: refs/heads/basic_rates:refs/heads/basic_rates
Pull: refs/heads/housekeeping:refs/heads/housekeeping
Pull: refs/heads/tx_power:refs/heads/tx_power
Pull: refs/heads/fw-present:refs/heads/fw-present
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/extra/zd1211rw$ git branch
* master
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/extra/zd1211rw$

Jon Smirl

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