Here is my current grasp of the situation:

zd1211-firmware-1.2 is BROKEN and will cause this issue on most devices. 
Don't use this firmware version.

Assuming a 'good' firmware such as v1.3, original ZD1211 devices work 
just fine.

Bad firmware aside, ZD1211B devices are the ones which suffer this bug. 
With the firmware, it survives most rmmod/insmod cycles, but 
initial plugin and first-time-after-reboot device initialisations fail. 
Replugging the device is a suitable workaround.

The vendor driver suffers the exact same problem.

I may try and refresh the earlier attempt at the fix later on. It was 
not merged earlier because it was known to cause breakage for original 
ZD1211 devices, but now I believe we can just make this quirk run for 
ZD1211B devices.


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