On 1/10/07, Andy Green <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jon Smirl wrote:
> Hi Jon -
> >> The intended effect is that you can simultaneously run your encrypted
> >> network connection, keeping your normal traffic and internet
> >> connectivity private as usual, and yet also participate in a general,
> >> unencrypted (on the transport layer, anyway) broadcast-based network
> >> with anyone in range.  I have evolved a protocol system for such a
> >> network and am in the process of implementing it using this patch.
> >
> > I'm interested in doing pretty much the same thing. My application is
> > broadcast audio to multiple recipients. Some of the recipients need a
> > network hop to reach them.
> Yes, that is exactly the concept, a parallel unencrypted broadcast
> network that everyone in range on the same channel can participate in.
> Since there are no ACKs it is like UDP, no guarantees anything gets
> anywhere.

If you send UDP packets out on a multicast (or broadcast address)
under 802.11 there is no MAC level ACK. UDP packets never have TCP
level ACKs.

So the question is, if an 802.11 device is associated to an AP, can
you use the existing API to send out packets with a NULL essid. If you
can do this you don't need to write any new code for the driver.

This is sort of like being in ad hoc and infrastructure mode at the same time.

> > This is basically the main features of 802.11s mesh networking which
> > is under development. The only working 802.11s system I am aware of is
> > the OLPC.
> 802.11s looks like it will be pretty awesome when it exists, but for my
> usage case it's a feature that this transport would be broadcast-only,
> with no station IDs and no routability and work on today's stacks.
> -Andy

Jon Smirl

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