Hello all,

   I`ve just registered, and i`ve googled and searched the list archives
but i haven`t found nothing about this error, i don`t even know if this is a
zd1211 or some usb problem.

   I have the following problem: When I reboot with an Airlink 101
(0ace:1211) or Naxos device (0ace:1215), the two devices i have in hand, i
get the "probe of 1-2:1.0 failed with error -110" error. if I disconnect and
reconnect the device, it works, but i need it to be enabled at startup,
because i need HA, and if the computer reboots, the network must be restored
without human interference.

   I patched (
http://kurobox.com/mwiki/images/d/d0/Zd1211rw_reboot.patch.txt) script found
here ( http://kurobox.com/mwiki/index.php/Install_wireless_zd1211 ) the
driver myself, once the patch if for, but it didn`t work.

   When system works it loads firmware versions 4605 for the 1211 and 4725
for the 1211b.

   I would like know if there is some workaround / patch for making the
device being recognized correctly at boot, or if there`s something i can
code ( please give me the guidelines and i`ll go for it) to make this work.

   Thanks in advance,

Rodrigo Forlin
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