Am 15.01.2007 um 14:59 schrieb Peter Lueg:

> Frame         WLAN Sequence=n    Retry bit=0
> Retry 1       WLAN Sequence=n    Retry bit=1
> Retry 2       WLAN Sequence=n    Retry bit=1
> Retry 3       WLAN Sequence=n    Retry bit=1
> Retry 4       WLAN Sequence=n+1  Retry bit=0 (Fault)
> Retry 5       WLAN Sequence=n+1  Retry bit=1
> Retry 6       WLAN Sequence=n+2  Retry bit=0 (Fault)
> Retry 7       WLAN Sequence=n+2  Retry bit=1
> Retry 8       WLAN Sequence=n+3  Retry bit=0 (Fault)
> Retry 9       WLAN Sequence=n+3  Retry bit=1
> This behaviour violates the afore mentioned standard.
> We found the same behaviour under Linux and Windows OS.

The ZD1211 retry register is set to 2, which gives 4 retries. (It has  
four bits so you could ask for 2^15 retries. ;-) I cannot explain  
packets 4 to 9 -- this might be firmware behaviour, which we cannot  
control. However the d80211 developers discussed to implement such  
behaviour in the new d80211 stack. Does the 802.11 standard really  
care, what the payload is? What prevents me to send the same UDP  
packet three times? On the 802.11 layer it is a new packet, because  
it has a new sequence number.



Uli Kunitz

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