A user came on IRC with a UW2453 ZD1211 device. This is the first 
instance that I've seen one of these RF chips. Then later today there 
was a mail to this list from someone else.

ZyDAS confirmed that currently their major models are UW2453 and 
AL2230S, neither of which are supported by zd1211rw (yet). Hopefully 
this means continued production of zd1211 devices coming to market.

I'm going to try and get my hands on that UW2453 device, but am still 
looking for an AL2230S source. Note that zd1211rw appears to detect the 
AL2230S as AL2230, so if you have purchased recently you might want to 
check your RF with the vendor driver. Here is an unsupported patch to 
get zd1211 working on 2.6.19: 


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