On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 19:08 +0100, Martin joueur wrote:
> Hi, i need help.
> I have problem with compile driver on kernel 2.6.19 r5 , before i have  
> 2.6.18 r6 and no problem, but i upgrade kernel....  Here's
> any reason,idea?? Sry i am newbie.. Thanks for help... 
The zd1211 ebuild installs a different driver than the zd1211rw that is
under primary development and available in the kernel right now.  I
would try the in-kernel zd1211rw before mucking about with the vendor
driver, which probably won't work with more recent kernels anyway.
FWIW, I am using the in-kernel driver with my 3Com 3crusb10075 stick
right now and it works very well.

Will Keaney
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