Tomas Klas wrote:
> I have ZyXEL AG-220, with ZD1211B chip and RF AL7230B, usb-id 0586:3412.
> AL7230B is not supported with ZD1211B. I tried use as ZD1211 and scan works,
> but association not (due to differences between ZD1211 and ZD1211B).

In other words: RX works, TX does not. This is expected when you try and 
drive ZD1211B as ZD1211.

> Is there any way to make AL7230B working with ZD1211B?

I assume the above results were from zd1211rw. Can you confirm that the 
vendor driver works?

If so we can port the ZD1211B+AL7230B code over to zd1211rw. The only 
reason it has not been done already is that we have never seen this 
combination on the market before.


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