On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Lucio Crusca wrote:

> #!/bin/bash -x
> modprobe zd1211rw
> ifconfig wlan0 up
> iwconfig wlan0 rate 2Mb
> iwconfig wlan0 essid MyAP key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ap 00:18:F3:93:2D:33
> dhclient wlan0

I wonder why this worked with the zd1211rw at all. The new driver doesn't 
like the ifconfig down/up circle dhclient initiates before trying to get 
an IP, see 
http://www.nabble.com/zd1211rw-WPA1-dhclient-failure-tf3230778.html .

However, you said static IPs do not work either. That would be odd. Sure?

> * I've forgotten to cut&paste the exact message, but when I modprobe zd1211rw,
> it appears something in /var/log/messages telling that the firmware version
> doesn't match the hardware version or something like that, however it seems
> to load the firmware without problems

Yes, just ignore that message.


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