Hi everybody,

I am working with and embedded system (AT91RM9200-EK) and I want to  
add a zd1211 Wi-Fi USB device. I want to avoid loading the driver as a  
module and then I have built all options regarding to IEEE 802.11,  
zd1211 driver, and firmware loading in the kernel itself.

However, when I plug the device I obtain:

[root@(none) /]# usb 1-1: USB disconnect, address 2
usb 1-1: new full speed USB device using at91_ohci and address 3
usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
usb 1-1: Could not load firmware file zd1211/zd1211b_ub. Error number -2
zd1211rw 1-1:1.0: couldn't load firmware. Error number -2
usb 1-1: reset full speed USB device using at91_ohci and address 3
zd1211rw: probe of 1-1:1.0 failed with error -2
usb 1-1: device_add(1-1:1.0) --> -2

Then I downloaded the zd1211 firmware from sourceforge and I have  
updated my filesystem with these files in /lib/firmware/zd1211/

But unfortunately, I obtain the same error. Do you know how can I  
solve this problem? Is there any possibility to point the kernel to  
these files for including them in the compiled kernel image?

Thank you for your attention,


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