* Daniel Drake | 2007-05-05 19:06:27 [-0400]:

>>Sebastian Siewior wrote:
>>>It worked perfectly with 2.6.18-20 and stopped workin with 2.6.21. After
>>>removing the check, it is working again. Are there some sticks actually
>>>not working or is my stick just a false positive?
>One possible explanation for the fact yours worked before the AL2230S 
>patch is that maybe it's not an AL2230S?
>It would be useful if you could try the vendor driver and just see which 
>RF type that code detects, to rule out any further zd1211rw bugs:
The vendor driver says:

May  6 11:28:51 ayoka ZD1211B - version
May  6 11:28:51 ayoka zd1211:RF_Mode = 80000084
May  6 11:28:51 ayoka Airoha AL2230S_RF

and after starting wpa_supplicant the driver crashed the kernel. The
whole driver init log is at http://pastebin.ca/473555. I'm glad that the
vendor driver was not my first choice :)



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