I ran some tests to compare the performance of the UW2453 and AL2230S RF

My tests were downloading a 36mb file over the internet from a fast host
(HTTP). When repeating the tests, I unloaded the module, replugged the
device, and loaded the module again inbetween each test. I made sure not
to change the location or orientation of the device, etc.

I measured the average transfer rate of the download using wget, and the
number of failed transmissions by counting the retry_failed interrupts.
It may sound odd to count failed transmissions in a download test but
keep reading anyway...

I used the vendor driver in all tests as this is our baseline for
performance. I repeated some tests after using zd1211rw and found
similar results.

zydas + UW2453:
1. 1051 fails, 816kb/sec
2. 1799 fails, 643kb/sec
3. 2186 fails, 381kb/sec

zydas + AL2230S:
1. 0 fails, 1020kb/sec
2. 0 fails, 1009kb/sec
2. 0 fails, 1018kb/sec

Conclusion: UW2453 sucks: even when not transmitting anything other than
HTTP control and TCP ACKs, there were thousands of failed transmissions
and the transfer rate suffered.


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