Exactly I'm using gmail and forget I have to hit "reply to all"
instead of just reply.
I think its because of the order in which the addresses occur the
mailing list address should occur first but it doesn't.

On 6/13/07, walter harms <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi jeff,
> you mean when you say 'reply to' (as in thunderbird) the mail goes to jeff ?
> und you have to choose 'reply to all' to mail to the ml also ?
> This is default for sf.net mailing lists. The maintainer has to write to the
> sf.net support in order to change that.
> re,
>  wh
> Jeff Sadowski wrote:
> > Most mailing lists im subscribed too the messages on reply goes too
> > the mailing list.
> > On this mailing list it goes to the person that replied. Meaning
> > others can't by default follow along on the process. Is there a way to
> > fix that?
> >

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