RGRagosta wrote:
> A. No wireless connectivity and NO wireless interface definition (eth2,
> etc.)

2.6.18 is very old and only supported a few ZD1211 devices. Upgrade to 
Linux or newer.

> B. Curious if I should consider the recently announced "strange"
> module-driver (http://dsd.object4.net/zd1211rw-strange-al2230s-v2.tar.gz )
> since this definitely includes updated and improved AL2230S functionality..?

It's not known whether your device is a "normal" or "strange" AL2230S 
until you try and check the kernel logs. It will identify (and 
reject) the "strange" device as having an UNKNOWN_A_RF radio.

> Somewhat frustrated after the relatively "easy" aspects of Vendor-based
> self-made module on Mandriva. Any/all comments, insights, suggestions are
> welcome on how to proceed....

The model used here is that as the user you should have to do precisely 
nothing except for enter your network key. Your distro should ship a 
recent version of the driver and the firmware so that no installation is 
required from the user standpoint. If your distro is not doing this, you 
should file a bug report at their bugzilla.


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