On kernel, zd1211rw, VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 0e)
1106:3038, Longshine G2 07b8:6001, the driver hangs pretty often with the 
following error messages:

usb 1-2: zd1211rw timed out on ep4out len=0/6
zd1211rw 1-2:1.0: zd_usb_ioread16v() error in usb_bulk_msg(). Error number -110
zd1211rw 1-2:1.0: zd_chip_control_leds error -110
(repeated indefinitely)

Unplugging and plugging in the device TWO times helps (for a short time). 
Seems this or similar things happen quite often on VIA-based USB 1.1 
controllers - on another machine using VIA USB 1.1, I saw similar effects, 
but there for some reason the USB layer dealt with the problem after some 
time (to the driver, a disconnect and reconnect event was shown - without 
manually interfering).

Any idea how to solve this (apart from getting a new USB controller, this 
is work in progress here ;-)?


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