Hi Sebastian,

Yes, we are talking about 2.6.18. But looks like our ditributor gave
us the rootfs which is minimal as we are working on embedded system.
I'll try to build the complete RFS
specially w.r.t. udev and then try it out.


On 8/16/07, Sebastian Siewior <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> * Nazim Khan | 2007-08-16 14:40:15 [+0530]:
> >Thanks for your response and providing some pointers. I see that in my
> >RFS, the entire "udev" stuff is missing. Both from /etc and lib folder.
> >(this is the embedded distribution I got from our hardware platform vendor).
> >
> >Any specific step to set it up (any doc anywhere other than man page)?
> >Does udev has some dependency on kernel too?
> No clue. We are talking about 2.6, aren't we? udev replaced devfs and
> hotplug at somepoint in 2.6. *Maybe* your distribution is still using
> hotplug, than you have to hunt for this one.
> Current udev user space tools require 2.6.13+ but I guess that you run
> atleast 2.6.18 (what make me thing you miss just the udev user space
> tools).
> >regards,
> >Nazim
> Sebastian

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