Silly (stupid?) question time: Has anyone on this list done enough
development work to enable master-mode w/ ZD1211RW, and if so, are you
willing to share your work?

Briefly, here's my situation: I'm sitting on the fringe of the jungle in
Papua New Guinea, and would dearly love to set up some point-to-point
wireless links (a la , using woks
rather than strainers) for our "campus"; fairly clear line-of-sight,
2-4km distances. 

I have access to some Belkin Wireless G USB adapters (F5D7050, zd1211b
chip) and some older PC's (laptops or desktops) I can configure as
WAPs/routers. We have in-house CentOS5 (kernel 2.6.18) & Fedora 7
(kernel 2.6.22) upon which to base the platform(s). We have i-net access
(usually) via a "high-speed" link to the outside world (high-speed is
somewhat's pretty fast for these parts, but awfully slow
by real world standards) but it's metered & costly to do a lot of data
transmission; i.e., don't ask me to GIT/SVN clone a handful of different
repo's by tomorrow morning.

So now...first, don't tell me I need to switch to some other distro as
step #1. Fedora & CentOS are what I have to work with, so that's what
I'm going to work with. I'm leaning toward F7 since it's at the 2.6.22
kernel level, and more easily aligns w/ the advances in mac80211 &
zd1211rw development (or am I horribly confused?), plus I have the
kernel sources for 2.6.22 and am not afraid to "get my feet wet." If
need be, I can occasionally pull in patches/updates, but it almost busts
my monthly budget if I have to do that too regularly. I could possibly
pull in a clone of someone else's repository, but that would be an
exceptional one-shot deal. 

Next, I'm really interested in getting these Belkin adapters to work for
me, simply because I have them here now. If I have to move to Prism/2 or
some such, fine...but it's not that easy to get equipment like that out
here every day (no electronics superstore down the street, and we really
push DHL to their limits delivering to where we can get to their

So...anyone done anything to enable AP mode w/ ZD1211, and care to share
what you've got with me? I'd love to get something set up, and will work
with you as much as I can to make this a reality. 

Thanks for hearing me out....

Mark E. Wilt
Pioneer Bible Translators
RHCE 803004793310843

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