I see that the list of chipset manufacturers doesn't show SiliconWave which
was bought out by
Broadcomm about 2 years ago. My device is a combo WLAN and Bluetooth USB
802.11b+g device which
was sold as a generic in FY 2004 by geeks.com but was known as BlueWiFly
from www.suncore.com.tw
also now out of business/sold.  Will the linux driver for the zd1211 support
SiliconWave or this combo

My original software that is the zero config software was written by "WLAN
Technologies Corporation"
which when I tried to upgrade my old software to the new version I couldn't
find them on the net.
I presume all they did was include the ZyDAS Corporation IEEE802.11 zd1121
drivers which in my
case are  zd11u2k.sys, zd11u98.sys, zd11ume.sys, zd11uxp.sys and
zd1211u.sys.  The version number
in the properties of each of these is v1.2.11 and file version
v2.23.1129.2004. The old zeroconfig s/w is
v1.0.0.1. All of these drivers are not MSoft WHQL driver certified. The
bluetooth software is from
BlueSoleil.com (aka www.ivtcorporation.com) and is at version 1.4.x which I
see they are at v5.0.x now.

Thus, since Zydas is now owned by Atheros.com, how can one get the last
release of the Zydas drivers
and zeroconfig software before Zydas was bought in 2/2006 or there about for
my Windows 2K and XP
machines. I wonder if anybody took the current linux version and compiled it
under cygwin or made a 
win32/win64 binary equivalent for download?  Eventually I'd like to link
ad-hoc and
infrastructure a Linux machine with any Windows OS (2k,XP,Vista) etc in the
future. Hopefully the last
release of the windows drivers and zeroconfig software could dow WPA2.

Note: the Trendnet.com WLAN COMBO that looks like mine and is generic
looking is the TBW-103UB.
However, Trendnet wouldn't tell me the chipset, and software vendor(s) that
make it to see if I'm buying
possibly obsolete USB devices.

Anybody have newer Windows software on the above so that I can upgrade to
the newest stuff for my two
WLAN Combo USB devices?


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