David Santinoli wrote:
> Dec  3 17:22:09 romilda kernel: zd1211rw 1-4:1.0: firmware version 4725
> Dec  3 17:22:09 romilda kernel: zd1211rw 1-4:1.0: zd1211b chip 129b:1667 
> v4810 high 00-01-e3 AL2230S_RF pa0 ---N-
> My kernel is a vanilla, and I'm using the zd1211rw driver that
> comes with it.  IIRC the Oops'es have been happening since
> Please see the attached logs for the complete information.
> Should I assume it's a fault of the 802.11 softmac stack, unrelated to
> the zd1211rw driver?

Yes, it is. Unfortunately that falls under my control even though 
someone else must have broken it. I just saw the same crash earlier 
today and there have been other reports too.

Development-wise we have moved to another stack which will be used in 
zd1211rw as of 2.6.25. I'll try and find some time to work on the 
softmac issue though, but no promises...


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