Some time ago I bought a USB wlan adapter (two actually) that were supposed
to be supported. As you've realized by now, someone put a new RF chip in and
voila - I'm stuck with ndiswrapper which doesn't work very well. I'm happy
to see that 2.6.24-rc3 has some support for what I'm needing.

If I could, I'd read up on things and give it a go but it's 7 years since I
wrote my last line of C code and have no knowledge about 802.xxx stuff.
Basically I have two options:

a) try to find a new adapter that works and but that. I'm guessing some 60€
and two hours of reading, searching and some minutes of praying before it's
plugged in.

b) put those 60€ into someone else's pocket in exchange for a patch (GPL)
that makes makes this adapter usable reliably. Of course I'm willing to lend
that person my two adapters for development, but I recon it's not hardware
access that is the issue here.

So, I'm looking for guidance. Which path should I chose? If b, who (if
anyone) would be suited to adress the issue and accept the rather small fee
in return?

I hope I'm not offending anyone.

Thanks in advance, Fredrik
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