I have got AirLink 101 AWLL3026 working with a 2.6.21 kernel on an
ARM board (which was quite some effort).

Now I need more such adaptors and cannot find them in the market any more.
Does anybody what would be a good replacement for those adaptors?
Specifically, I found out that AirLink 101 AWLL3028 does NOT work.

I think the RF is AL2230S_RF. Here is the kernel bootup message related
to zd1211rw driver:

zd1211rw 1-2:1.0: firmware version 4725
zd1211rw 1-2:1.0: zd1211b chip 0ace:1215 v4810 full 00-11-a3 AL2230_RF pa0
zd1211rw 1-2:1.0: eth0
SoftMAC: Associate: Scanning for networks first.
SoftMAC: Scanning finished: scanned 11 channels starting with channel 1
SoftMAC: Queueing Authentication Request to 00:12:88:9e:da:b1
SoftMAC: Cannot associate without being authenticated, requested
SoftMAC: Sent Authentication Request to 00:12:88:9e:da:b1.
SoftMAC: Open Authentication completed with 00:12:88:9e:da:b1
SoftMAC: sent association request!
SoftMAC: associated!

Here are the firmware that I am using for the current card:

mkdir /sys
mount -t sysfs sysfs /sys
echo 1 > /sys/class/firmware/1-2/loading
cat /var/www/usb-wifi/zd1211.fmw/zd1211b.ub > /sys/class/firmware/1-2/data
echo 0 > /sys/class/firmware/1-2/loading
echo 1 > /sys/class/firmware/1-2/loading
cat /var/www/usb-wifi/zd1211.fmw/zd1211b.phr > /sys/class/firmware/1-2/data
echo 0 > /sys/class/firmware/1-2/loading

I'd appreciate if anybody can give me some pointers on the compatible



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