Title: R: [zd1211-devs] Question for WEP Key when it is wrong inserted

OK, Daniel,
so you mean that for the protocol 802.11 even if the set of wep-key on my usb wi-fi key is wrong the answer of iwconfig tells me the MAC of AP where I try to associate?
thanks, Domenico

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A: Giaramita Domenico
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Oggetto: Re: [zd1211-devs] Question for WEP Key when it is wrong inserted

Giaramita Domenico wrote:
> My issues is the following: when I set the use of WEP key on the AP and
> I make mistakes on putting the wep key, the response of iwconfig command
> still says to me the MAC adress of the AP; obviously the communication
> is not possible because the wep-key was wrong.

Unless you are using shared key authentication (and I'd strongly advise
you not to use this), authentication and association can successfully
complete with the wrong WEP key. This is just how 802.11 works.


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