I am working with ZD1211 memtool using a ZD1211B hotspot finder from trendnet 
(157E:300D).  I have desoldered and socketed the 24LC64 EEPROM, so there is no 
problem re-flashing if it is corrupted.  I simply reflash from my original bin 

Presently, I am trying to overwrite the PID/VID as an example of moving RAM to 
E2.  I am using libusb on windows.

However, I am getting USB timeouts as I try to read the clock control register. 
 I was previously getting error -22 because the EP_INT_IN is enumerated as 3 
but the USB device is reporting no endpoint 3.  It seems it should be 0x80 | 
0x03, 0x83 which I know is a valid endpoint as I watch the vendor's software 
talk to it with usbsnoop.

But when trying to read from endpoint 0x83, the device seems to stall and 
libusb times out, throwing error code -116.

I am stuck, and looking for advice from anyone who has successfully written E2 
using memtool on either linux or win.

As a side note, it seems libusb on w32 requires me to set and claim the 
interface before a bulk write is successful (otherwise -22).  So if you have 
tried memtool on windows, this is a common reason reg_write would fail.

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