I have used zd1211rw successfully on two machines (32 and 64 bit) for
more than a year. But I had not used the usb-wifi units for some time
during which the mac80211 change occurred.

I am running the stock kernel with  ZD1211RW_DEBUG on.

On both the i386 and amd64 architectures, I am seeing errors and cannot
get the units working. It is possible that I have not updated some
configuration which I am still examining. But I still ought not to be
seeing the driver reporting errors?

Before documenting further, here is the start of a simple session:

1) Plug in the usb-wifi adapter. (I have already modified udev so the
names are left as wlano and wmaster0.)

2) Then simply issue
   ifconfig wlan0 up

At this point, there are no errors reported on the screen. But there
seem to be many errors in the kernel log: see

Are these genuine errors? I do see definite errors later when I try to
use iwconfig, but I want to keep this initial report simple.

Are there problems with 2.6.25.x and zd1211rw?

A E Lawrence

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