You must be new - I sent a patch to zd1211-devs about two weeks ago
against vendor driver 2.22 to make it work for kernel 2.6.25. 
I have been using that for two weeks in master mode now.

I found that the driver/hardware seems to require a  
'iwpriv ethX card_reset' before it will serve any clients in master 
mode, but that's about it. The patch is a bit ugly but it works alright,
and I haven't got round to tidy it up yet.

No idea about the older 2.16, nor care :-).

tom wrote:
> Hi, all
> I failed at configurating the usb stick as AP: iwconfig eth1 mode
> master-->cannot associate with it and cannot change channel using iwconfig
> eth1 channel N...
> Also, I tried this:
> I change the bss type in:
> zd1205_init_card_setting
> pSetting->BssType = INFRASTRUCTURE_BSS;
> To
> but the card won't send Beacon or any packets...
> Anybody here?
> thanks a lot.

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