I find your posts very interesting.

Disclaimer: I'm not quite the kernel driver hacker (yet).

I wanted to use my zd1211(A) stick as a access point on my home office

Platform: i686
Kernel version: 2.6.18-r6 (patched, near hardened linux)

I tried the following, in order:
1. Got zd1211 sources from Sourceforge SVN. Compiled cleanly but failed
during driver/hw initialization.
2. Downloaded zd1211 found on the net. Compiled dirtier and failed
in the same manner.
3. Applied your patch and it seems to work fine!

Does anybody here know since which kernel version the drivers were
supposed to be broken?
(Would be weird if the driver was supposed to work without your patch for my
kernel version.)

I also use USB 1.1, so the master now appears fixed to 802.11b mode.
I agree with your suggestion and rationale on leaving it in mixed mode.
So I'm trying that next.

Note: The stick is a Canyon WF518, older model (newer ones use Ralink RT73).

Thanks a lot!

Hin-Tak Leung-3 wrote:
> Sorry to reply to my own post - nobody seems to find my post interesting?
> I have a somewhat interesting issue/extension to my previous patch: I need
> 802.11g
> compatibility (basically because my client gets a bit confused and the
> client driver hasn't got the functionality to drop to 11b mode). The
> vendor driver automatically 
> decides to go into pure 11b mode if connected to USB 1.1 host. I think
> this is wrong - 
> it should stay in mixed mode regardless, but tell client to drop to B
> mode, if they can,
> or limit the transfer rate to B mode from access point side.
> Indeed, if I just comment out the USB 1.1 decision, the vendor driver
> starts in mixed mode and a 11g client can connect (and then the vendor
> driver limit the rate to b rate),
> and I have useable network connectivity.
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