--- On Wed, 22/10/08, Eric Goff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I bring up my system.
> > After enabling my zydas wireless card, system
> generally hangs after about
> > 10-20 seconds.
> > I have to reboot 9 or 10 times.
> > When it does not hang, then it is good for a very long
> time.  (many days)
> I don't know about you, but after waiting 2 years for
> zd1211rw driver to
> mature, perhaps the best idea is to buy a different
> kind of wireless card.

In what way exactly is the zd1211rw not "mature"?

I don't currently use the rw driver - I chose to port the vendor driver forward 
because it provides master mode (on 32-bit intel systems), which
the rw driver does not, (despite somebody claim it to be "easy" to add, 
as early as 2005, I think).

>From my experience about a year ago of using the rw driver on a 64-bit
system for a few months, the rw driver works quite alright in client/station 
mode. ad hoc mode support was added in the last few months,
and master mode is still nowhere in sight. (whereas the vendor driver does
not work at all in 64-bit system, and I have tried looking into it and fixing 
it without success). While certainly limited in scope and functionality, what 
the rw driver claims to do, it does quite well and work as good as any other 
wireless device driver within the scope of what it claims to be able to do: 
station mode only, cleanly written code which works well on 32-bit/64-bit and 
non-intel platforms.


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