> Hi,
> we are testing a mesh network with open80211s (www.o11s.org) in a 
> wireless-testing kernel. We are using A-link WL54USB adapters with the 
> zd1211rw driver. Mesh seems to work fine, but the connection is 
> established only with 1Mbit/s (~80kb/s transfer rates with FTP). When 
> using adapters in "regular" WLAN, we were able to get much faster 
> speeds (7-10Mbit).
> Is this a driver feature? Is it possible to increase speed in mesh mode?
> Thanks in advance,
> - Petri Virkkala

Sorry for the double post. 

Here's the result of "sudo iw dev mesh station dump" in a two link mesh network:

Station xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (on mesh)
        inactive time:  64 ms
        rx bytes:       5699474
        rx packets:     9166
        tx bytes:       253024
        tx packets:     2597
        tx bitrate:     1.0 MBit/s
        mesh llid:      29759
        mesh plid:      28168
        mesh plink:     ESTAB

"tx bitrate" is here 1.0MBit/s as we suspected. Is there a way to change/force 
it to faster speeds?

- Petri Virkkala

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