Hello everyone. I just enrolled this list because i am interested in 
the development of this chipset under linux.
I myself have a zd1211b based usb wifi card (TL-WN422G) and i used 
under ubuntu 8.10 with a patched driver, so it recognizes de RF 
I was trying to use this device with kismet, and i noticed some 
-Signal Values Are not in DB
-Noise values are always 0 (actually, this happens with my iwl3945 
internal wifi card too.

I wanted to ask you if someone knows why is that. I am interested in 
doing signal surveys with this card, and wanted to know if that is 
Is there any way i can help with this? If the answer is yes, can 
someone point me to the direction where i can find some technical info 
about the zd1211b chip?

Thanks for your help!

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